Subaru engine repair and reconditioned

Nitrided / Stock Crankshafts


Models: EJ20/5/7 - EJ25/7


  • Stock crankshaft std
  • Nitrided crankshaft std

The Nitriding process is an established and successful means of generating a hard case on a component. The crucial benefits of the process are:


  • Wear resistance: created by a diffused hard surface layer
  • Negligible dimensional changes
  • Improved fatigue properties: the process induces compressive stress, which improves fatigue strength
  • Improved corrosion
  • No reduction in the core hardness of the base metal
  • Completed on near finished components requiring minimal (or zero) lapping, polishing or grinding operations following the process
  • The “white layer” produced by the process can be controlled
  • Can be applied to 'local' areas of any geometry


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